not only depriving the disintegration of our marriage

"He derailment, not only depriving the disintegration of our marriage, so I also endured great mental stress for the 'small incident', often night after night to insomnia, so he should be responsible for all these years I have suffered mental damage Miss Yan took the shooting of her ex-husband derailed by a private detective "evidence", again standing in the court of the plaintiff gallery. Have become a stranger, with ex-husband but Miss Yan still extramarital affairs cause of mental discomfort the ground forward Fusuo the spirit of solatium to 10 million. His ex-wife, said the spirit of impaired claims 10 million Get "conclusive evidence" that derailed her husband, the the Miss Yan home Bianxiang her husband. . Mr. Shih readily admit that he had extramarital affairs with colleagues Miss Chang. Miss Yan and Mr. Shi often to "small events" have derailed the rift, the outbreak of the quarrel. Miss Yan lover broke up, in order to let her husband and two multiple alarm will be blocked in the rental. But Miss Yan intense practice not only failed to restore her husband's heart, but aroused the resentment of Mr. Shih. Global private detective agencies to investigate whether effective? Ex-husband should be romantic bonds to pay compensation to his ex-wife? The Jiulongpo District Court hearing of this strange lawsuit. Private detective to ferret out a "third party." To confirm his guess, Miss Yan came to a detective investigating the company, a private detective to investigate her husband's whereabouts. A month later, the private detective Miss Xiang Yan issued an investigation report and a CD-ROM. Looked at the report, Ms. Yen sank, according to the report, Mr. Shih between June 13, 2006 to 25 in its name, rented a house with a woman from morning to evening. Neighbors reflect, they just like the husband and wife, an affair. Goes on the CD-ROM filled with Mr. Shih embrace with the woman, kissing the intimate lens. Miss Yan and Mr. Shih same students, junior high school students, very good care. Two experienced love marathon for up to 5 years, and finally in 2004 into the marriage. Married life, some plain, but Miss Yan and Mr. Shi Gan if yee. While Miss Yan overly optimistic for the future of life on the occasion, she quickly discovered the the husband gradually "wrong". His entertainment more and more, the home is getting very late, even many YeBuGuiSu. Not only that, he also became impatient, the phone is more portable. "All Miss Yan began to suspect that her husband had an affair.

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