Then the father went into the house

Then decided to be learned about Lin. Results of the day put Lin hit the black and blue. Mr. Wang knew that was wrong, he can be imagined to wait for him will be what kind of punishment? So Mr. Wang temporarily afraid to go home, himself went to the outskirts of most of the day, dare to go home until late at night. I thought everybody was asleep, can be pushed open the door, a person has a lot of sit there. Mrs. Wang saw her husband back, my heart that wronged one o'clock my heart, suddenly burst into tears and cried and said: "Well ....... Well you you heartless, I Heart hard to earn money to support their families, but also busy in busy, you will not only understanding I do not know, raising a woman is still out. since Who ... "he finished, Mrs. Wang puzzled air, Mr. Wang and kicking. . Knowing sinful Wang stood motionless, despite his wife's vent, because at that moment, he went to his wife as'd rather die. He deeply understand: he hurt his wife so deep, is that he was wrong. Wife vent finished after all, not all end rebuke followed by another daughter, my son-in-law's advice. This night is full of tears and remorse intertwined. However, a hundred secret always sparse. Suddenly one day, Mrs. Wang found just enter the house of Mr. Wang collar angle, a lipstick, Mrs. Wang suddenly realized, had recently her husband frequently go out, are outside the woman's sake. Mrs. Wang angry, anxious cry and kick, have to ask what was going on? He refuses to acknowledge, the alone a lipstick, Mrs. Wang did not fold to get him this subsequently disappeared. A few months later, Mr. Wang's daughter inadvertently see Dasi his father into a beauty salon, so just go. Then the father went into the house. So, the daughter of working like mad to knock on the door, I could not wait to dig into, to see what happens. Mr. Wang learned that his daughter to hurry a hasty retreat from the windows. Wait until Lin opened the door when the room was empty. Daughter had stormed off. Home, daughter just things to tell without a real mother. Mrs. Wang hear gas trembling, wanted to commit suicide, and feel really afford to lose this person. Three persuasion daughter, Mrs. Wang has finally calmed down. However, Mrs. Wang Dasi head, face, figure, how can I bear this useless gas formed a united front "to save the marriage, denounced his father", so the outside of a person, in addition to Mr. Wang.

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